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Jagat Guru Rampal Ji Maharaj who wrote book which is on trend due to free home delivery in india also in some of country with his different type of knowledge which you never heard in entire your life.

Let’ s see what type of question mention in book and how he explain :

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has provided authentic answers to all the questions that remained a mystery till now, such as

  1. Who is the Supreme Almighty God?
  2. From where have we come?
  3. Why do we face problems?
  4. Why do we die?
  5. What happens with a soul after death?
  6. Why do people face problems and die an untimely death, even when they are already worshipping?
  7. Is there a land devoid of sorrows, old age and death?
  8. How can we attain the plentiful and immortal abode?

From his website we seen many of content which we wrote in this article are:The words and speech of the Real Saint are divine and pious. He delivers the spiritual knowledge, taking our Holy books and scriptures as the base. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only True Guru, who delivers spiritual discourses by providing evidences from our Holy books & scriptures and has proved, that Lord Kabir is the Supreme Almighty God, testifying this fact from the Holy books of all religions! The knowledge provided by Saint Rampal Ji is unprecedented and unparalleled, after following which, people receive all sorts of benefits, be it health related, finance related or spiritual ones. Not just this, the power of Supreme God knows no bound, so therefore, after following the true method of worship provided by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, people get blessed with life extension as well!

In the first yuga named Satyug, God Kabir comes with the name of Sat Sukrit. Muninder is His name in Treta and in Dwapar, He is known by the name, Karunamay. In the last yuga called Kalyug, He is known by his real name, that is, Kabir!

No one except God Kabir Himself, can make us realise the prime motive of getting a human life and nobody can unveil the mystery about creation of the entire nature! Thus, Almighty God Kabir, who is our Actual Parent, has descended, yet again on this earth, for saving souls who are stuck in the vicious trap of life and death made by Kaal-Brahm. He is doing tireless efforts for taking His souls back to ever happy plentiful abode in the cover of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, who is the Avatar of Almighty God Kabir Himself.

Let us now know more about Saint Rampal Ji (Baba Rampal Ji)  .For more visit : www-jagatgururampalji-org.

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